About me

I am a Maltese documentary photographer whose passion is to immortalise special moments whilst providing unique and memorable images.

My interest in photography commenced when I began to realise the love for photography and how photography inspired me to venture out and capture new places and landscapes, back in my teenage years. Since then, I have worked on strengthening my skills and improving my techniques through various sectors in the industry to expand my skill set.

My passion has deeply delved into capturing the beautiful moments of life, in which the beauty of the instant is highlighted. Family occasions and milestones are excellent for this, so I am at my happiest whilst photographing Family, Achievements and Emotions.

Photography turned out to be more than just a hobby; it became my passion as I started to explore fashion photography. Working with talented models and well-known clothing brands broadened my horizon, as they provided me with multiple opportunities and even publishing my work on local fashion magazines.

I love what I do, as I see photography as an opportunity  hobby rather than work, so I would be elated to help you by capturing your most precious moments. For more information, please feel free to contact us

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